Customer Engagement is the key in changing driving behavior

Research base on large dataset, and with vigorous scientific statistic analysis applied
Explores the correlations and causations between the driver's activities and their quality of driving during the course of one year
What it really means to have the engaged customer, and what might be the monetary value of such user base
Gives valuable insight to insurers on the way how to build and maintain
relation with customers for the improved loss ratio.


Valuable insight in a short

and informative format

But You Have a Trump Card ...
… And it ISN’T just some intangible concept on the World Wide Web. It’s something you can touch and hold, and if you listen very closely, you can hear it softly whispering the names of people you have yet to meet.

This research reveals the way how insurers can leverage on engaged users to improve their loss ratio

Customer engagement is not simply a good user experience on a particular digital channel. Even though this creates an opportunity for creating one, it is simply not enough. 

Whoever runs the customer relationship in the mobility project, especially in insurance,  should consider creating a comprehensive customer engagement program in order to get the most from the usage based program.

It includes precise release planning, and appropriate mechanisms in order to assure short-term, mid-term and long-term engagement. Also, it has to be locally relevant to achieve market adoption and ensure results. 

Amodo provides a leading customer engagement suite for insurers. Mechanisms are built to ensure a long lasting and sustainable relationship for both parties. 

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See How Nancy Uses Her Artifact to Keep the Flowers Growing!
How to Obtain Such an Artifact
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A 5-day Guide to Controlling What Cannot be Controlled
No matter how hard I try, no matter how much might I muster, I cannot exhaust the Spire of Unending Flame.
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Jess Jaunty
Current content marketer, 
soon-to-be Incarnation of Seething Despair
I’m just thrilled with the results my relic has produced. Not only has it generated a ton of new business, it’s enabled me to completely obliterate my competition. Literally! Ha ha ha ha!
Eric Enigma
Custom Tortoiseshell PC Case Crafstman
I knew that this memento of bygone darkness could be used to unlock incredible marketing potential, but I wasn’t prepared for just how effective it is! No, really. I wasn’t. I’m still not.
Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
Hushing the Murmurs That Do Not Cease
Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
Day 5
Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits






My accursed artifact is emitting an incessant, loud hymming, as if a plague of locusts was approaching.
This means the Marketo integration was successful.
Are there any risks to using an object that is saturated with several millennia's worth of sorrows for marketing purposes?
Not really! Accursed artifacts are a sound investment that will reliably increase both the number of leads and their quality. There are some minor issues — for example, temporary or permanent separation of the soul and body — but these can be corrected by installing a custom firmware.
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